Website Advertising

The Sicamous Chamber of Commerce Website has very heavy traffic, as we share this site with the Sicamous Visitor Information Centre.

In one of our busy months it looks like this:

  • July 2013 Total Monthly Visits – 14,378 visits with 224,564 hits

In a slower month:

  • April 2013 Total Monthly Visits –11,922 visits with 120,622 hits

Website advertising on the Sicamous Chamber website is a great way to enhance your marketing presence as well as your business connection to our community, province, country and the world.

We offer three great cost effective ways to advertise your business on our site.

Note: Ads that you are creating must be “Camera Ready”.  To save your business the creation fee, your image must be camera ready, file in .jpg or .gif” and size as specified for your chosen ad block.  Our designer can modify your ad but there will be a creation fee for this service.

Footer Scroller Ad – Size 125 X 125 (pixels) 
There is a block that will appear on all the Chamber of Commerce footer pages.  These ads will randomly rotate when the visitor moves to another page.

$85.00 per year



Rotating Banner Ad at the top of page content – Size 468 X 60 (pixels)
These ads will rotate and appear at the top of most pages in our site.

$175.00 per year


Specific page Ad  (Size will vary, but is largest available)  See Wedding Page for example of placement.
This ad will be exclusive to a specific page, 1 ad at the top of page or 1 ad at bottom of page (not rotating).

$225.00 per year – top of page
$200.00 per year– bottom of page





Package cost $400.00 this includes:

 1x Small Side Bar Ad – Size 125 X 125 (pixels)
 1x Rotating Banner Ad top of web site – Size 468 X 60(pixels)
 1x Specific Page Ad – Size and Page to be determined as custom

Online Business Directory
As a Chamber of Commerce Member your business currently has 2 category ads of your choice:

 1x 8 line listing
 1x Single line listing

Extra Business Directory advertising for Chamber of Commerce Member:

3x 8 line listings $75.00
1x Single 8 line listings $30.00